Kwajalein, Marshall Islands...

In July 2002, my family visited the island where I grew up - Kwajalein in the Marshall Islands. The vacation was my first trip back in almost 30 years. The links below can be used to access short movie clips and pictures that I took during the visit. The island hasn't changed much in the past thirty years, and it's still very cool to ride bikes everywhere and have everything so accessible.

The film clips are saved in Windows Media Format. Viewing may require a relatively recent update of the Windows Media Player (7.1). If you can't play the clips or they take a long time to load, try downloading the new media player from Microsoft. If the browser opens a very small viewing window in the media bar, click on the small icon next to the movie name. This will "unlock the player" and let you resize the screen.

Warning: These are "home movie" quality clips - please don't have high expectations. Each clip is between 1-5 MB files. This may take some time for folks using modems. If the play is still too choppy, try copying a clip to your computer first - right-click on the clip and "save target as..." to a file.

Kwajalein Clips:

airport terminal to little league field

bunker hill to ivey hall

coral sands beach to boat marina

corner near surfway grocery store

elementary school

emon beach to silver city

family pool and ocean side reef

family trip to prince eugen

golf course

high school to bunker hill

hospital to echo pier

ivey hall to the preschool

little league field to special services

macy's to the ocean view club

marina to emon beach

mount olympus to coral sands beach

silver city to the community center

special services to daily field

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